Your baby loves to mimic you

Your newborn can imitate your facial movements. Even in the first few minutes after birth, your baby can see your face from 12 inches away. So spend time looking, smiling and talking with your baby from the moment after birth. Over the first few days and weeks observe your baby and how you are communicating with each other. Try This!! Hold your baby close (12 inches away) and allow your baby time to explore your face, notice how absorbed your baby becomes. Protrude you tongue and wait and see! Your baby, after concentrating hard may protrude his tongue to mimic you. Try this with other expressions such making an ‘O’ shape with your mouth. As your baby grows, he will move his mouth to mimic you when you are talking to him. So speak to your baby nice and close to allow him to see and explore your face as you do. Enjoy talking with your baby, your baby will love it :-)