Why Parents choose Marie

I want to say a big thank you for all your help and guidance on Saturday. Myself & my husband attended your class last Saturday, it was such a relaxing environment, we were at ease straight away. I really enjoyed the day and felt full of knowledge leaving. I would highly recommend to all couples. The labour is about the only part of my pregnancy that I did not ask anyone’s opinion about. I found the class extremely helpful in this area.  I loved the way you got the men so involved also. It gave us the opportunity to ask questions that we had throughout the class. It was also great to have two other couples going through the same experience. The scones and lunch provided on the day was out of this world and really appreciated. Thank you again for all your help, when you get a free min some day could you email me your scone & bread recipe.
— Elaine & Kevin

My husband and I attended Marie’s antenatal classes. We completed the course over 2 evenings. Marie had been highly recommended to us and on the first evening we could see why. Marie a mother herself and with years of training and experience had so much invaluable information to pass on. It was my first pregnancy and I felt quite anxious about the birth. Marie’s classes made me feel so at ease, and with the information Marie passed on, I felt I could face the birth with a lot more confidence. Rather than feeling anxious, I was feeling far more excited about what was ahead. This stayed with me through the whole labour and I will always be grateful to Marie for helping me to face the experience relaxed and excited.
The classes are small and informal so I felt comfortable to ask any questions. Marie regularly dropped tips and hints from her own experiences which I still use today.
I returned to Marie after my son was born to attend the baby reflexology classes. Once again I wasn’t disappointed. The classes were small and relaxed and a lovely opportunity to meet up with others mums and babies. I am regularly using the techniques I learned to help give relief to my little bundle.
I cannot recommended Marie highly enough.
— Caroline, Eoin and Hugh

I went to Marie for reflexology while I was pregnant, it was very relaxing and I felt great after each session, I was just sorry I didn’t begin this therapy sooner in my pregnancy! Marie also gave me advice & tips on breathing for labour which I used & was so helpful!

I brought my son Samuel to baby reflexology with Marie. I really enjoyed this experience as I got to bond with him while learning how to help him with wind & digestion etc. I love to practice now whenever I can! It was lovely meeting other mothers & Marie was also so supportive with lots of helpful advise on all matters!
— Noreen

My husband Alan and I attended Marie’s prenatal course before the birth of our baby boy Tom. And I could not recommend the day more!
I was quite anxious about being pregnant, labour, childbirth, breastfeeding. ...basically everything. Alan was very/too relaxed about all of the above. Attending Marie’s prenatal course put us on the same page. She alleviated alot of my anxieties, and she made Alan feel included and that he was an integral part of the whole ‘birth’ experience. We used the information packs that Marie provided like a birth bible and nearly had the whole lot memorised by the time the big day arrived. Leaving the prenatal course we felt excited, energised and more like a team. The day really prepared us to make informed decisions when I went into labour.
The food Marie prvoided on the day was seriously yummy too. And it was reassuring to meet other couples going through the same thing. Just a really informative/enjoyable day.. Thanks Marie
— Kate & Alan

Such a great day Marie is so welcoming. My husband and I attended the full day on a Saturday which was great as neither of us had to take time off work. We found the class to be extremely helpful in our preparation of labour, breastfeeding and also taking care of our daughter who is now 11 weeks old. I often find myself saying “at the Antenatal class Marie advised this or showed us this”. I hit a bump with breastfeeding when my daughter was 2 weeks old with mastitis & Marie was very supportive we were texting back and forth & the support made it a lot easier. The day itself is great you meet other lovely expectant parents and both my husband and I i learnt a lot. Marie makes the most tasty scones tea and coffee and then a wonderful lunch homemade and other refreshments. The information packs she provides are very helpful both for pregnancy and arrival of your little one. I could not recommended her classes more & I hope to sign up for her baby reflexology classes soon. :)
— Kate & Patrick

We attended Marie’s antenatal class and baby reflexology classes. These classes were very informative and interesting. The setting is so relaxed and allows opportunity to ask lots if questions. Baby reflexology was a lovely quiet time to spend with my little boy and a great chance to chat to other mothers. We were both always very relaxed after the classes. Marie’s tips and techniques are really helping us through the teething process also. Thanks again Marie.
— Dawn & John

Absolutely brilliant, so informative, loads of help and tips for the birth and for when baby comes home. We would highly recommend Marie’s wonderful service to anyone. Marie only takes a few couples at a time so you’re completely at ease to ask any questions you like. It’s a lovely relaxed atmosphere, like visiting a friend who knows everything you need to know!. I had a great birth thanks to Marie’s great breathing and relaxation tips. Attending Marie’s antenatal class definitely had us both well prepared for what was ahead.
— Catriona & James

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My husband and I attended Marie for our antenatal class in June this year. We attended the 2 evening classes with one other couple, which was great as I felt I could ask questions without loads of people looking and feeling it was a stupid question. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and very informative, Marie went through everything that we could expect in labour. We also got a great pack on the first night which was full of information. We welcomed our beautiful daughter Ella on the 11th July, to say I would recommend Marie for antenatal classes is an understatement she truly is brilliant.
— Denise and John
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Myself and husband Noel attended Marie’s antenatal class in Sept ‘15. My husband was a bit “do we have to go?” But let me tell you was he glad he went! And so was I. We found the class very informative. The one thing that came to mind throughout the whole labour was “keep your hands open and relaxed and it will help the rest of the muscles to relax”. So when I felt myself tensing up, I reminded myself to do this and I honestly think it helped. Marie is so friendly and approachable, you could literally ask her any embarrassing question and she makes you feel like you were having coffee and a chat with friends. She makes you feel so at ease, I highly recommend Marie’s class. You will not regret it!
— Tracey and Noel

Myself and my husband Liam attended a 1 day antenatal class with Marie on the 12th of Sept. It was 3 weeks before my due date so girls if you think you’ve left it too late unless you’re in the labour ward you definitely haven’t.There were 3 other couples with us on the day. It was a comfortable and relaxed setting. Everyone was in the same boat with their first pregnancy.There was no such thing as a stupid question, ask anything and Marie would have the answer. You get an information pack on the day to look over later.There is a lot of information to take in and you think “I’m never going to remember all this” but I can 100% guarantee that you will. The breathing will come naturally to you, you’ll automatically do it. The acupressure points will help. You will get a mantra and say it a hundred times. If there’s a ball on offer in the hospital take it. I found it helped me relax and distract me from the pain. I really couldn’t recommend Marie enough. I faced childbirth prepared and unafraid and we welcomed our perfect, gorgeous baby boy Daniel on the 4th October.
— Brid and Liam

I attended Marie for reflexology and labour preparation, weekly, for six weeks prior to having Ava. I really wanted a more natural birth the second time round, as I had the epidural with my first child. Over the course of the six weeks, I really relaxed and felt more confident facing labour. Marie showed me breathing techniques and acupressure, which my husband and I used throughout the labour and the birth. I was able to use the gas and air effectively! The reflexology was the best thing ever, I looked forward to it every week. Marie stayed in touch and I now attend monthly coffee mornings with other mothers, which is a great support. We would highly recommend Marie’s services.
— Ann and William

We were really glad we attended your class, and we were much more confident about the labour and birth, as a result. Thanks, aswell, for all the advice about the breastfeeding issues, since the arrival of Niamh
— Claire and Dave

We couldn’t recommend Marie Drake Boyle highly enough! Her antenatal class is held in such a relaxed and calming setting, and Marie is so practical, informative and interesting. Baby Emma’s arrival went so smoothly, thanks to Marie’s advice, hints and tips. We would definitely recommend her classes to expectant Mums and Dads!
— Paula and Tim

It being the second time round, I felt I didn’t really need classes, but having attended Marie for reflexology and labour preparation, I was delighted to learn the breathing techniques, which I used for Braxton Hicks and throughout my labour. Having begun my labour at home, I was able to cope with the long journey to Cork with effective breathing! I really enjoyed the reflexology and found it very beneficial. We would highly recommend Marie.
— Aoife and Liam

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We initially attended private antenatal classes with Marie, and then I decided to return for reflexology in the final weeks of my pregnancy. The antenatal classes were brilliant. Held in very comfortable surroundings, Marie did everything to make everyone feel as relaxed as possible, even offering slippers to the ladies! The group was small so everyone could ask whatever questions they had, which was great. I so looked forward to my reflexology sessions every week, so relaxing. Marie had loads of advice on breathing techniques and acupressure points to help during labour, and I really felt 100% confident as the time came closer. The constant support, even after baby Cara arrived, has been invaluable. I cannot rate Marie highly enough!
— Laura and Bartley

Full of excitement and nerves with the impending arrival of our first child, we arrived at your antenatal classes and from the moment we met, you put us both at ease. The classes were relaxed and very informative with alot to take in, you provided us with a comprehensive folder on all topics covered. This allowed us the chance to jot down any questions for he next class, where you patiently answered all our questions. Your experience and practical tips in addition to the holistic approach, through acupressure points and reflexology, I found very empowering and gave me the confidence in preparing for the birth. We proudly welcomed a beautiful baby into our family and as new parents we are grateful and appreciate your continued support in a whole new world! The monthly get togethers are a great opportunity to meet and chat with other new mums and your scones are melt in the mouth :) Thank you Marie, you do an amazing job!
— Moira and Sean

We attended Marie’s antenatal class to prepare us for our first child. It was so handy getting all the info in one day. Marie was amazing, so helpful. We both felt so relaxed and able to ask questions, we felt no question was too stupid! Her techniques helped an awful lot during labour, I felt calm and confident. I now attend her her coffee mornings, which are great, it’s so nice to sit down with other mothers. We couldn’t recommend Marie highly enough.
— Sandra and Conor
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I had the most useful experience at Marie’s antenatal classes. I am a nurse by professional and it is my second child, but the information Marie gave me was new to me. Tips and breathing technique, she freshened up my memory and I am most grateful to her.
— Viktoria