New Baby

  • Newborn hearing screening

  • Newborn bloodspot screening

  • Registering your baby’s birth

  • Immunisations See the latest immunisation schedule from the HSE

  • Caring for your baby books HSE.  Download these free series of books for up to date information on caring for your baby from birth though the childhood years to age 5!!

  • New website from the HSE with useful practical advice for parents. 

  • is a HSE website to support you with common child and adult heath problems such as coughs, colds and high temperatures etc. 

  • is a limerick based parenting website with informative blogs and upcoming events in limerick city and county. Worth checking out for many new events, baby/toddler groups and parenting workshops.

  • Infant Sleep Information Source – ISIS online, is a UK based website and is a collaboration between Durhan University Parent-Infant Sleep Laboratory, La Leche League, NCT and UNICEF.  This website gives parents all the information they need to know about normal infant sleep. It is comprehensive, up-to-date and very informative.

  • great website outlining all dietary advice for your baby’s first 1000 days which includes pregnancy through to toddler years.

  • Baby wearing ireland - if you want to use a sling or find out more, consultants and groups around the country are listed, along with sling libraries, where you can hire slings. 

  • Cloth Nappy Library- if you are interested in using cloth nappies, information, nationwide groups and you can hire to try from the cloth nappy library.

  • Healthy Sleep for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers by

  • A great informative website on nutrition and diet for infants and toddlers from weaning to fussy eating!!

Facebook Pages

Facebook groups and pages can provide great mother to mother support. As with all facebook groups, you should read the group policy before joining.  And remember, If you have a medical concern, always seek professional advice relevant to your area of concern. You can find the groups by entering the group name in the facebook search engine.  Here are some suggestions:

Limerick Mammy and Baby Meetups

Support for Parents In & Around Limerick

Breastfeeding Mammies in & near Limerick

Babywearing Ireland - Limerick/Tipp/Clare

Baby Led Weaning (starting solids) in Ireland

Limerick Parent and Baby Cinema Meetup at the Odeon