6 Great Things to do during a Labour Contraction

The beauty of labour is that contractions come and go!! Yes they can be intense and generally get tougher as you progress, but you only need to focus on one at a time. And remember every contraction brings you a step closer to meeting your beautiful baby!! Lets take a look at a few techniques, which will help you get through each and every contraction one at a time. 

1. Breathe

Rhythmical breathing, starting slow and easy and upping the pace a little towards the peak of your contraction is a great way to cope. Try not to hold your breath or hyperventilate!!

2. Palms open and relaxed

Just that. Shoulders down and Keep you palms open and try to resist the urge the squeeze the living daylights out of your birth partner!! When we clench our fists we tend to tighten all our muscles right down to our pelvic floor! Relaxed muscles helps your baby move through the birth canal.

3. Talk to yourself

"I can do this", "I am strong", "My baby is coming"... Repeat a mantra to help you through the peak of the contraction!

4. Zone out

Close your eyes or pick a focal point in the room to stare at. Cut the conversation; you can get back to that in a minute or 2!!

5. Stay upright

Stand out, kneel up, sit on a ball, sway the bum, move around if you can!

6. Congratulate yourself 

You are another step closer to seeing your baby!! Well Done, say Goodbye to that one and rest before you welcome the next one! Now take a sip of water!!