Loving Tummy Time

I just love tummy time! Although it sometimes takes a while for your baby to love it too. The key is to start early and be consistent! Ok, from the moment after the birth of your beautiful baby, tummy time begins, with placing your baby on your chest, skin to skin, chest to chest. It would surprise you how many babies will lift their heads!! This is a lovely position for Mum and Dad to use in the early days, slouched back on the couch enjoying tummy time. From then on, you can give your baby small periods of tummy time, like a minute or so, a few times a day, nappy changing time is ideal, I find. Ensure this is a relaxed time for your baby and not when your baby is tired or hungry for example.

So how does it help your baby’s motor and physical development? Spending time on the tummy encourages the development of your baby’s head, preventing ‘flathead’ and misshapen heads. It is also fantastic for strengthening back and shoulder muscles. Fine motor skills are enhanced too, with your baby reaching and grasping little toys, blankets etc.

As your baby grows, he or she will get more proficient at tummy time and will enjoy this fun time. You can place toys within reach, different textures to touch, put him in front of a mirror to see his reflection! Soon he will be up taking his weight on his forearms (3-4 months), reaching out to grasp objects (4-5 months) and will be moving about and rolling before long (5-6 months)!!