Excitement Building...1st Coffee Morning!

It is with great excitement I am hosting the first of many coffee mornings here in Baggotstown, Bruff, next Thursday. Over the last 6 months, I have had the pleasure of meeting the most wonderful, enthusiastic and committed parents-to-be, some first-time and some having their second or third babies.

Although I have worked with mothers, fathers, their babies and older children for almost 15 years, this is the first time I have really had the opportunity to support parents from pregnancy through to established parenthood, so to speak. As a midwife, I encountered many pregnant mothers and had the pleasure of delivering many new babies, and indeed met many babies and mothers in the first few days of motherhood. But, of course in the hospital setting, I could care for and support these parents at only one particular stage in the journey. As a Public Health Nurse, I now support mothers and fathers in the early days, weeks and years of parenthood, with great pleasure I might add! So this is why I am delighted to reunite with the new families, I had contact with during their pregnancy and since! 

The coffee morning will give parents a chance to reunite with those they met here at the antenatal classes, but will also offer a support network to each other, having babies of similar age! I will be their, of course, to offer support and advice of various elements of early parenthood challenges. But above all, we will have a cup of tea and chats and admire and enjoy all the little newbies!!